HTC Desire Z Notes

A page to store useful info about the Desire Z.


Radio s-off:
$ wget
$ unzip
$ adb push gfree /data/local/
$ adb shell
$ su
# cd /data/local
# chmod +x ./gfree
# ./gfree

Remount system rw:
adb shell
$ su
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system

CyanogenMod: install from ROM Manager, backup and erase first

Download fastboot from here
Install an overclockable kernel (the one that comes with Cyanogen works)
install SetCPU and CPU Temp from market
Set max to 1516, ondemand
Profiles: low batt <20% 245/768, temp >40c 245/768, screen off 368/745

Notify LED not working: rm from /system/lib/hw

Better key map for qwerty keyboard: Coming Soon

Uninstall HTC crap:
Root first then the list thats safe to remove is here:

Adblock: or install AdFree Android from market. Requires root.

Modify boot splash:
Install ImageMagick
use a 480x800 png
$ gcc -o to565 to565.c
$ convert ~/kiwicon/virtadept.png -depth 8 rgb:logo.raw
$ to565 -w < logo.raw >logo.rgb565
$ fastboot-mac flash splash1 logo.rgb565

Set wifi hostname (cyanogen):
# setprop net.hostname {hostname}
Still working on getting this to run at boot...

Cool apps list:
Tasker - do anything on any event 
RockPlayer - better video player, does lots more formats
AppBrain - better interface to market
Angband - the BEST game on ANY platform!
gTasks - Sync google tasks
PowerAmp - replacement music player that uses NEON instructions for better power efficiency. visually reminds me of XMMS2