Junos Olive


Creating a J-series 10.x olive under Virtualbox

New Virtual Machine
Type: FreeBSD
Memory: 512MB
1 virtual disk, 1GB
Serial port: Pipe.
Disable sound
First NIC bridge, all others intnet
Attach a bootable ISO eg Backtrack.
Boot in Backtrack.

FTP junos-jsr*.gz onto the backtrack
zcat junos-jsr*.gz > /dev/hda
Sync, shutdown, eject CD.
Reboot the VM and connect the serial port using telnet or putty. 115200 baud.
Watch the boot process. Eventually it will come up on the console of the VM too

Upgrade to -domestic by ftping the file to /var/tmp then pkg_add.

Add extra NICs
VBoxManage.exe modifyvm "junos jseries/srx" --nic8 intnet --intnet7 intnet7